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*NOTE: This material will get patina while shipping, we added a cleaning cloth, then you can wipe off the patina. If you are not a big fan of Cu or Cu composite materials, this button is not for you ! 

More material's info:


This Cupronickel Superconductor is made of many highly conductive titanium - Niobium alloy rods, that are then isolated by Cupronickel and formed into a small rod. The resulting band has a great pattern that is formed by the layers of the niobium - titanium alloy and Cupronickel crossing through at different points. No 2 superconductor buttons will look the same, as the resulting patterns will vary based on rod and cut. Superconductor rod are most commonly used in high magnetic field devices and applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Superconductor is an industrial material, it's not made specifically for jewelry

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